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November 3rd, 2012

Welcome TheCastos.com!  For those of you who check in with any regularity whatsoever, I apologize for my several-month sabbatical; life got in the way.

Speaking of life, we’ve experienced several changes in ours over the past few months.  We put our house on the market last spring, and sold it after just 30 days on the market.  As much as we hated to leave our Lebanon neighbors, we wanted to be closer to the kids’ schools and my work, and we felt like with the addition of Ellie, we also needed a bit more space.  We moved into our new house the first Friday of the first week of school, which made for a hectic transition, but we approached it like and adventure, and made it through just fine!

I earned my MAT degree from Miami this summer, which, surprisingly, turned out to be more bittersweet than I ever could have expected.  I loved the learning, the collaboration, the interaction, and those “Ah-hah!” moments.  While part of me hated it see it end, I also felt relieved to have a few more hours a week at my disposal.

The rest of our summer was a blur.  Between keeping the house clean for showings, packing for the move, Sam’s track camp, our trip to Pelee, our trips to Wooster, and countless trips to the pool, we kept busy!

Sam and Nate have finished their first quarters of school and are off to a good start in the second quarter.  Third grade is Sam’s best year yet.  He loves all of his classes, and is progressing beautifully.  Nathan is beginning to make friends with school, but he’s still skeptical about the whole thing.  On a positive note, his class just started a new unit on Native American Indian unit, which has piqued his interest.  We’ll see how it goes...

Ellie is flourishing.  She is walking, running, climbing, and saying a few words.  She’s identifying things in books, and finding ways to effectively communicate her wants and needs.  Her brothers trip all over themselves to make her happy, and she is fully aware of her power and influence.  As my children grow older, I feel more and more thankful for my years of experience working with junior high kids.  I’m gonna need it.  Whew.

The kids had a great time trick-or-treating, even though the weather was a mess.  We are looking forward to our first Thanksgiving and Christmas in the new house.  

I’ll try to update the website more frequently, but to be honest, Facebook has effectively replaced it.

Enjoy your fall, everyone!  As always, thanks for visiting TheCastos.com!

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